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INTELLI-REST PILLOW - KING (25"x13") - Product Image

Attributed to the Swedes for their ergonomic genius, this pillow is a Nikken exclusive. This "intelligent" pillow knows how much support your head and neck need, and it adapts accordingly. That's because the Intelli-Rest Pillow is made with a space-age, visco-elastic foam that reacts to the warmth and weight of your head and neck. Within 5-10 minutes, the Intelli-Rest Pillow gently molds itself to your individual contours to perfectly support your head and neck. This self-ventilating, open-celled material also helps you feel cool and comfortable all night by dispersing heat and perspiration. In the morning, the visco-elastic memory returns the pillow to its regular shape. The Intelli-Rest Pillow, with Advanced Kenko Technology for comfort, features specially designed promo pads plus a soft, terry cloth cover for enhanced breathability.
SKU Number: #1303
Price: $165.00