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Breakthrough Research on Magnetics
Will traditional science catch up with Nikken?

The results of a major study made headlines when it was found that study subjects using magnetic insoles — with exclusive Nikken technology — reported a measurable improvement in reducing the symptoms of pain associated with diabetes.

Nikken Magsteps® were the first magnetic insoles, introduced 30 years ago. Science is only now catching up with and validating this Nikken discovery!

Nikken continues to lead the way in advance of established science. The Nikken PalmMag™ is the only product to use magnetic biaxial rotation — a patent pending, revolutionary technology.

Magnetic biaxial rotation produces a magnetic field that constantly changes its angle, as much as 23 times per second. The result is a magnetic field that is essentially three-dimensional. No other magnetic device can achieve this effect.

Some day research may reveal more facts about this breakthrough technology as well. Nikken is always the leader in introducing new and innovative wellness products!

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Historic research reports new hope for 80 million people with diabetes
 world wide. Published in Archives of Physical Medicine:
Nikken Magsteps® described as non-invasive and “cost effective with no side-effects.”

“Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is a common and often disabling complication of diabetes mellitus (DM)…. As many as 8 million diabetics in the United States will experience neuropathic pain at some point in their lives.”

So begins a report in the May 5, 2003, issue of the Archives of Physical Medicine* that concludes:

“the present study provides convincing data confirming that the constant wearing of static, permanent, magnetic insoles produces statistically significant reduction of neuropathic pain.”

The insoles used in the study (which were developed and are marketed by Nikken*) were described by the researchers as a non-invasive, non-prescription product/treatment that affords both “safety and minimal cost” for more than 80 million sufferers world-wide.

When the Weintraub study was published, all three networks reported the news:

ABC-News “Magnets may provide effective relief … Dr. Michael Weintraub says it’s only a certain kind of bipolar magnetic insole that seems to help enough to make a difference.”
NBC-News “…a simple device may be able to help…. A non-traditional treatment is getting results.”
CBS-News “If you think all those… claims about magnets are a bunch of hooey, think again. A new study shows wearing magnetic shoe insoles may help….”

* The Archives of Physical Medicine is the world’s leading publication on rehabilitative medicine and is part of the AMA (American Medical Association) family of scholarly journals.

The researchers are quick to point out that “studies are needed … to confirm and extend these results.” And Dr. Michael Weintraub (New York Medical College Department of Neurology and Medicine, and lead academic in the study) warns:

“Not all magnets are created equal! As important to the results of our tests as any of the other control features – the randomization, the double blinding, the placebo control – was the consistency of the product technology.”

The consumer product used in Dr. Weintraub’s test are “commercially sold under the brand name of Magsteps® by Nikken Inc.”

Dr. Weintraub’s study included 48 investigative sites in 27 states. There were 11 university-based centers and 37 private practices involving nearly 400 persons. The historical significance of this study, Dr. Weintraub says, is:

“This is the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to scientifically demonstrate the merits and clinical benefits utilizing static magnets. The same protocol used in drug studies was used for this trial.”

Dr. Weintraub concludes that not only is magnetic therapy “comparable or superior to that observed with various conventional drugs,” it has the advantage of being non invasive and is also less expensive and has no side effects.

Many professionals believe Dr. Weintraub’s study will become an important scientific event in the growing field of “energy medicine,” of which Dr. Weintraub says: “we must keep an open mind.”

The Magsteps® used in this study is developed and marketed by Nikken, Inc. Nikken President and COO Kendall Cho says of the study:

“We are very encouraged by the growing scientific interest in our consumer products. For decades we have appreciated the anecdotes received from our customers of the benefits they believe are associated with the use of our products. However, even such dramatic conclusions by such a prestigious group of medical professionals will not affect the way we market our products. We have many products that incorporate magnets, such as our Sleep Systems, the revolutionary new PalmMag, the Elastomag wrist wraps (reported in a previous scientific study), and other wearable products. However, we do not sell our products as therapeutic devices, and we prohibit our Independent Wellness Consultants from making therapeutic claims. Nevertheless, this study may indicate a broader range of benefits for magnetic products than we permit to be claimed.”

Dr. Weintraub came to similar conclusions in a prior study of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation). Once again, the constant wearing of a static magnet (in that case, the Elastomag™) was effective. Once again, the company that developed and is marketing the product is Nikken.

Mr. Cho responds to the current data with guarded enthusiasm:

“This report appears to verify anecdotal reports we have received over the past 20 years. We have long recognized that our customers believe they receive benefits that go beyond a good night’s sleep in a stress-reducing environment and the benefits of a joint-warming wrist wrap or stimulating insoles. What this study indicates is that those beliefs have a scientifically verifiable foundation in fact.”

Dr. Weintraub points out that the benefits of magnetic insoles are contingent upon the right regimen and the physical characteristics of the magnet:

“I would stress that these results were not accomplished with the periodic application of magnets as has been done in other studies, but by the constant wearing of magnets.”

Nikken markets its wellness products in 30 countries. For more than 20 years the multi-billion dollar sales of Nikken have made it a world leader in wellness products.

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