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“My son, James, was diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. I started attending conferences all over North America, getting newsletters from all over the world and became trained in teaching modalities that showed us a good percentage of progress. James is now 11. “Over the years, we made progress, but James still had a sleep disorder and a rash on his arms and legs that we couldn't do anything about. I tried everything. For the sleep, I tried massage, Reiki, herbal remedies (melatonin), and even painted his room blue for a calming effect. Of course, the doctors were prescribing medicines throughout the years. “Yet every night, this child would get up and roam all over the house, turning on TVs with loud volume, turning on lights, and going into his brothers’ rooms and wake them up.

  Needless to say I was struggling with lack of sleep myself. It disrupted the entire household. “I decided to try a Nikken mattress pad on his bed. It still amazes me. For the FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS, I WOKE MY SON UP! That was almost two years ago, and he continues to sleep every night, medicine-free! His body is now doing what it is supposed to be, and he is now making more progress through the day because of this good sleep he is getting. He is also now COMPLETELY medicine-free through the school day, as well! “He has had other positive effects from Nikken products, and if I didn't experience this myself, I would have never believed it. The best part was how non-invasive all of these products are. Autism is like a puzzle, and you are always seeking the right pieces that fit. Well, I definitely found some of the biggest pieces to help my son. It didn't cure him, but his quality of life is so much better. And isn't that ultimately what we all desire?”
Carla Piccarreto
Rochester, New York


“I’d broken 16 bones in    my body and had
shoulder surgery. I broke
six bones in each foot,  and my rotator cuff was
killing me. A friend offered
an answer. He was so
excited about these
Nikken products that I
decided to start using
them. I found an
enormous amount of
relief, and eventually I
became a distributor
myself. … I know I
wouldn’t even be playing
golf now if not for Nikken.
It’s been unbelievable.
Truly an amazing thing.”

 Hall of Fame Catcher,
 Cincinnati Reds

My husband, Bob, and I flew to the East Coast to be with our daughter. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 28, and she now is 38 and has just started Betaseron injections for the MS. Upon arrival, we found her taking ( with doctor’s permission) eight to 10 Tylenol per day and up to five naps per day. She is the mother of two teenage boys and one 4-year-old boy. Her husband is in the National guard, and she is active in her church worship team, so you can see she has her hands full. “When we went for our visit, we took along several Nikken items to try out on her, including a Nikken comforter for her bed, and we also broke open the Gelly-Bees. She takes two mid-morning and two mid-afternoon. Then we optimized the PiMag drinking water. “After her first nap under the comforter, her comment was, “What is that”? She had her first real restful nap in a long time. We left her home one month later with the following results: She was then taking only one or two Tylenol per day because of less frequent headaches, she took just one nap in the afternoon and had more energy for household chores. She also drinks more water because she likes it better. “I am anxious for the 90-day follow up. I know she will continue to improve. I am sending this along because I am so excited about how these products can help all of us.”

Marian A. Zanoni
Hoodsport, Washington




































































The Nikken Sleep System is available in a variety of models, but no matter which you choose, it is the most advanced technology on the market today for better sleep. The quality is guaranteed, with a long-term limited warranty -- up to 25 years depending on the model you choose. That's comfort you can depend on for a long while. It is not always up to any of us to decide how healthy we want to be. But there is one step you can take right away toward a healthier life, and a more balanced life style. Take that first step -- with a Nikken Sleep System.

Read more about the importance of goodnight sleep and how Nikken Kenko Dream Sleep System can help you.

The finest premium sleep system.

The Kenko Dream Deluxe Mattress looks like a traditional bed, but underneath its handsome, high-quality cover are a host of innovations that create an unparalleled sleep experience! Over a quarter-century of Nikken research and development in sleep science led to this breakthrough in design. Components of the Kenko Dream Deluxe Mattress include:

1) Superior quality top cover has a silky-smooth feel combined with exceptional durability.
2) Rubberthane nodules give the effect of a gentle, soothing massage as you sleep, while helping to ventilate, disperse perspiration and absorb shock.
3) The Central Support Zone contains up to 226 magnets, strategically placed.
4) Viscoelastic foam reacts to warmth and pressure, creating a custom fit.
5) A unique system of channels provides free flow of air for exceptional ventilation and comfort.
6) The firm boundary preserves mattress structure and support.
7) Medium-density layer adds stability.
8) The foam foundation has no springs, promotes ideal support and spinal alignment.



TWIN 38"x75" $1436.00


FULL 53"x75" $1868.00


QUEEN 60"x80" $2155.00


KING 76"x80" $2443.00


CAL KING 72"x84" $2443.00

See how Kenko Dream Deluxe Mattress compares to other leading deluxe mattresses like Sealy's Posturepedic Crown Jewel, Tempur-Pedic and Nautilus. No comparison!

Still not convinced about the advantage of Nikken Sleep System? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers.

Ergonomic design and technologies that improve comfort.

Sleep can be difficult without proper head and neck support. This pillow solves that problem! The Kenko Dream Pillow also answers the need for ventilation and cooling, making sleep a comfortable delight.

Advanced Nikken technologies make the Kenko Dream Pillow an exclusively Nikken way to relax and enjoy restful sleep. The breathable cover and ceramic tiles deep in the pillow release heat, while ventilation channels offer access to fresh air.

The contoured shape delivers the support you need. Viscoelastic "memory foam" adapts itself to your shape.

Nikken Magnetic Technology in the pillow features a matrix design.


#1305 13"x20"x4.5" $136



More than a mattress-the most advanced sleep system available.

 The Ultra KenkoPad Deluxe is Nikken's exclusive mattress system, with a high-technology design for a uniquely superior sleep experience. The most advanced sleep system available today, it's enhanced to feature Advanced Promo Pad Design in our Central Support Zone. The adjacent illustration shows each exclusive component:
1) Rubberthane nodules treated by a patented process to provide breathability and ventilation, absorb vibrational rebounding, disperse perspiration and impart a gentle massaging effect

2) Advanced Promo Pad Design with state-of-the-art promo pads strategically arranged in the Central Support Zone.
3) A firm, high-density polyurethane base to supply cushioning.
4) Medium-to-soft urethane.
5) A shock-absorbing foundation.
6) A attractive woven jacquard fabric cover, made of a durable and comfortable cotton-polyester blend and finished in elegant piping.



TWIN 38"x75" $848.00


FULL 53"x75" $1097.00


QUEEN 60"x80" $1248.00


KING 76"x80" $1489.00


CAL KING 72"x84" $1489.00


Turn your existing mattress into a Kenko Sleep System.

The Ultra KenkoPad transforms your existing mattress into a Kenko Sleep System. Simply place the Ultra KenkoPad on top, and enjoy the world-renowned Nikken sleep experience. The Ultra KenkoPad is enhanced with Advanced Promo Pad Design in the Central Support Zone, plus Rubberthane layers to provide support and gentle massage. It's covered in the new long-wearing, handsome fabric that also covers the Ultra KenkoPad Deluxe.


TWIN 35"x72" $499.00


FULL 50"x72" $599.00


QUEEN 57"x77" $799.00


KING 73"x77" $899.00


CAL KING 69"x81" $899.00


Shapes itself to fit you.

 A viscoelastic layer-the NASA-inspired material that adapts to the body's contours-gives the new Intelli-Rest KenkoPad its uniquely soft yet supporting feel. Viscoelastic "memory foam" shapes itself around your body, then "remembers" to return to its original form, so it reshapes to your every move. The open-cell, breathable viscoelastic material responds to pressure and temperature to create a custom fit while you sleep. It's placed between layers of polyurethane and exclusive Nikken

Rubberthane, and includes the special, patented Rubberthane nodules for a gentle massaging effect, and comfortable ventilation. The result is a combination of the best, most advanced technologies available for restful, refreshing sleep.



TWIN 35"x72" $650.00


FULL 50"x72" $850.00


QUEEN 57"x77" $1000.00


KING 73"x77" $1250.00


CAL KING 69"x81" $1250.00


Nikken's Advanced Sleep Technology, specially engineered for the head and neck.

After studying the body's structure, especially the physiology of the head and neck, Nikken's research-and-development team engineered this unique pillow to perfectly fit the curvature of the human neck. The objectives they achieved were to provide just the right support to these sensitive areas during sleep, prevent the head from falling into uncomfortable sleeping positions, and eliminate any undue pressure on the neck.

The KenkoPillow with Advanced Kenko Technology consists of six components:
1) A special, cushioned Rubberthane layer to promote breathability and ventilation, to absorb vibrational rebounding, to disperse perspiration and to provide a gentle, massaging effect.
2) Specially designed promo pads.
3) Ceramic tiles to help maintain a cool head by efficiently dispersing heat.
4) A core of firm, yet comfortable, shock-absorbing support.
5) An inner cover to help disperse perspiration.
6) The same beautiful outer cover as the KenkoPad and KenkoPad Deluxe



SMALL 20"x12" $120.00


KING 25"x13" $120.00


This space-age pillow with Advanced Kenko Technology molds to your individual contours.

Attributed to the Swedes for their ergonomic genius, this pillow is a Nikken exclusive. This "intelligent" pillow knows how much support your head and neck need, and it adapts accordingly. That's because the Intelli-Rest Pillow is made with a space-age, visco-elastic foam that reacts to the warmth and weight of your head and neck. Within 5-10 minutes, the Intelli-Rest Pillow gently molds itself to your individual contours to perfectly support your head and neck. This self-ventilating, open-celled material also helps you feel cool and comfortable all night by dispersing heat and perspiration. In the morning, the visco-elastic memory returns the pillow to its  regular shape. The Intelli-Rest Pillow, with Advanced Kenko Technology for comfort, features specially designed promo 

pads plus a soft, terry cloth cover for enhanced breathability.



SMALL 20"x12" $132.00


KING 25"x13" $165.00


Your exclusive Nikken Sleep System goes on the road.

When traveling, it's often difficult to get a really good night's sleep. Now, with Nikken's exclusive Kenko Travel Pad, you can take a Nikken sleep system with you. This lightweight travel pad features Far-Infrared Technology and Advanced Kenko Technology to help you recreate, anywhere, the warmth and comfort you enjoy in your sleep environment at home. Engineered with specially placed promo pads. It also comes with a convenient, zippered bag for portability 

and storage.






Offers the ultimate in relaxation.

A perfect balance of comfort for all climates, the Kenko Dream Comforter can help you get the relaxing, refreshing sleep you need. Revolutionary technology and the finest materials allow better rest. The Kenko Dream Comforter features Ionic Comfort idea based on the negative ions found in soothing outdoor settings. Chitocotton, another innovation, contains chitosan. A magnetic layer complements the magnets in your Nikken mattress to complete the cocoon effect. Far-Infrared Technology is provided by ceramic-reflective fibers. The breathable cover is finished in an elegant, satiny weave that dresses up your bed.




66"x86" $374.00



86"x86" $499.00


KING - FILL WT 1,271g

102"x90" $561.00


Nikken's Winter Comforter is quite possibly the warmest comforter you'll ever own

Its revolutionary Far-Infrared Technology and winter-weight fill help keep you at an ideal resting temperature during even the coldest winter nights. Far-infrared, ceramic-reflective fibers provide safe, natural warmth that is activated by your own body temperature. With a super-warm, thermodynamic blend of 50% ceramic-reflective fiber and 50% wool, the new Winter Comforter features more than twice the fill of our Summer Comforter.

Covered in exceptionally soft, 205-thread count, 100% cotton. Fine, box quilting keeps the fill from shifting, and matching piping reinforces edge seams. Comes with a convenient, zippered storage bag.



TWIN - FILL WT 1,500g

66"x86" $310.00



86"x86" $440.00


KING - FILL WT 2,300g

102"x90" $500.00


The Nikken favorite gives you ever
greater freedom of choice!

The original, mid-weight KenkoTherm Comforter is back! For those regions that experience the temperature extremes of four seasons, this is the perfect comforter for ideal sleeping warmth during spring and fall.








66"x86" $290.00



86"x86" $390.00


KING - FILL WT 1,400g

102"x90" $490.00



This lightweight version includes all the technological innovations of the original, in a comforter for use in all climates.




66"x86" $349.00



86"x86" $474.00



102"x90" $536.00





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